Best Ways to Keep Motivated During the Job Hunt

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The process of finding the perfect job can be monotonous, taxing, and come with some disappointments. Whether you’re exhausted from applying to hundreds of jobs with no end in sight, or if you’re getting through rounds of interviews and not making the final cut, it can be challenging to stay motivated. Luckily, we can help! Here are the best ways to keep motivated during the job hunt.


#1 Set goals for yourself

When you’re sending out your resume, set a daily goal for how many applications you want to submit. Everyone’s limit is different, but a good benchmark to strive for is three applications per day. This is a solid number to feel like you’ve accomplished something, without completely draining your energy.


#2 Acknowledge your emotions, but don’t let them get the best of you

It’s okay to feel sad or discouraged sometimes, but don’t let your emotions prohibit you from moving forward. Overthinking is a unique kind of torture for many people, but you can liberate yourself by letting things go, and trusting that you are capable of handling anything thrown your way. Take any negative emotions and channel them towards strengthening your skillset.


#3 Ask the interviewer for feedback

Self-reflection can be difficult, but it’s essential for personal growth. Mustering the courage to ask your interviewer why you weren’t the right fit will show your desire to grow, and help you make improvements for your next interview.


#4 Remember what you’re worth

Don’t apply to jobs that you are overqualified for just to make a quick buck. Remember all of your time in school and all of your work experience (yes, including your first job at DQ!)? To the right employer, this will be invaluable!

It’s also important to focus on your “soft skills”—aka, the skills that tie into your personality. Soft skills model the traits of a leader that the right company will be lucky to have. When you’re feeling discouraged, just remind yourself that your ability to speak confidently, understand social cues, and act as a team player are great assets for any position.


#5 Remember: If it’s meant to be, it will be

Don’t get hung up on a position if the company doesn’t end up taking you on as an employee. There are other opportunities for which you are a better fit. Look at closed doors as opportunities for newer (and better!) open ones.


Staying motivated during the job hunt can be hard, but keep our tips in mind, and don’t give up! If you think back, your ability to push through hard times likely built your resilience and character. Keep sending out your resume, browse LinkedIn for mutual connections at interesting companies, and know that you can always turn to a professional and experienced recruiter at Career Group Companies to assist you in the hunt.


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