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The world as we know it has changed. When COVID-19 hit, the world came to a halt. The employment sector in particular was hit hard and fast, as companies ceased recruiting and began to let people go. Many businesses were even forced to shift to solely e-commerce practices. After a few months of decline, some businesses have managed to bounce back and pivot their models, but the workforce has undoubtedly changed. 

What Does This Mean For The Next Decade?

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about a wave of change in the employment sector. Some of the jobs that were once considered prestigious became redundant, while others became essential services. One change however, was pretty universal: technological advancement in all industries.

Before the virus, employees had to work at the office, but very quickly most businesses shifted to a work from home setup. To prevent the spread of the virus and protect employees, companies adopted a remote working environment. So, what does this mean for the future?

According to Gartner, the future workplace trends include:

  • Continuing use of contingent workers to enhance workforce flexibility
  • A larger investment in employee wellness and satisfaction
  • Less focus on individual roles and more on an employee’s skills
  • An increase in hybridized roles

Predictions for Top Jobs in Demand for 2021

If you’re still deciding on a career path, researching the jobs that are currently in high demand is a great place to start. Identifying the sectors with the highest opportunities ensures you’re investing your time in something worthwhile, and who knows, you may find your dream job!

In light of the changing trends and current booming industries, here’s a list of high-demand jobs in 2021 (and through the 2020s):

1.   Hybrid Roles

Technically this is not a job, but there’s a reason it’s at top of the list: the economy may be recovering, but companies are still trying to regain their footing.

This means that they may not have a budget for multiple hires and will require someone who can wear many hats. Hybrid roles will be one of the best jobs for 2021, but you will have to be very dynamic and have both technical and soft skills.

One example of a hybrid role would be an administrative assistant who also helps with operations and HR duties.

2.   Digital Marketing Specialists

Companies had to transition into the digital field, and brick and mortar stores progressed into eCommerce platforms. Because of this, they need more digital marketing professionals.

Digital marketing specialists are similar to marketing professionals, only that their specialty is within online platforms like social media. As a digital marketer, your job description will include anything from SEO to social media to Google ads.

To be successful you will need experience working in the digital space, as well as general marketing expertise.

3.   Graphic Designers/Creatives

Graphic designers will be one of the more highly demanded jobs in 2021. Companies will want to run ambitious marketing campaigns and will need someone to actualize the marketing concepts.

If you’re looking for a career path that will allow you to express your creativity, then this is the job for you. Part of your job description will include developing layouts for product illustrations, creating new logos for startups and rebranding companies, designing user interface and campaign art, etc.

Other jobs in demand for 2021 that are related to this role include creative directors, production artists, multimedia artists, and animators. In order to land these jobs, you will need experience with tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign, along with others.

4.   Marketing Strategists

Companies are looking to make a full comeback after the virus, which is why marketing strategists will be one of the most in-demand jobs in 2021. In this role, you will mainly be helping companies navigate the marketing field post-corona. You will be responsible for creating marketing strategies, identifying the best messaging & creative concept, and executing the strategy.

The beauty of being a consultant is that you can either work for an agency or freelance – the possibilities are endless! Companies tend to look for marketing strategists with at least a few years of experience, which can include working for an agency or in the marketing department for an individual company. 

5.   Data Analysts

Now more than ever, companies are beginning to realize the importance of data. They want to know consumer habits, both online and offline, and then use this information to create useful, worthwhile marketing strategies.

That’s where data analysts come in. Their job will be to gather information from different spaces and then interpret patterns and trends. They will then give recommendations on how the company coils improve their business from the analysis.

There are many different educational programs for data science, but in order to succeed in this role you will need to be familiar with Google Analytics as well as many CRMs and other reporting tools.

Other Predictions for Jobs in demand 2021

Other high-demand jobs for 2021 will be:

  • Accountants
  • HR professionals
  • Operations managers
  • IT professionals
  • Web Engineers

Key Benefits of Working with Career Group Companies as a Job Seeker

It you are looking to progress your career in 2021, here’s how working with a recruiter from Career Group Companies can help you prepare and find your next job in these uncharted waters:

  1. Resume Assistance – we help you tailor your resume to the recruiter’s job to make you appear as the strongest fit for the advertised position
  2. Career Advice – we act as your advocates and give you advice on the roles you should take and those you should let go. We also advise on what is realistic and what you can expect from their job search, given the current market and your skill set.
  3. Interview Prep – we give you helpful pointers to help you ace your interviews.
  4. Job Matching –  we put you up for jobs that we are certain will be the best fit for you.
  5. Connections and Networking – some big-time recruiters don’t publicly advertise open positions, and we link our candidates with those that are a perfect match.

We also act as a long-term career coach –  many of our candidates return to their recruiter multiple times!

Before linking candidates with the best opportunities, our recruiters at Career Group Companies ensure that they understand what type of job role or position you are looking to fill, your salary expectations, and your preferred industries. This helps to match you with a job that you actually love.

Find Your Dream Job Today!

Recent world events have caused many shifts in our society. With these changes, new job opportunities are emerging, and demand for certain jobs is rising. Our team of expert recruiters at Career Group Companies is here to help you navigate the current landscape and find the perfect job.

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