Five Workwear Staples We Cannot Live Without

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Style in the workplace doesn’t just come down to what you wear. If your work wardrobe needs a bit of a pick-me-up, incorporating great accessories can be an easy and practical way to step up your your overall office-chic look. Here are five workwear staples we cannot live without.

1. The Perfect Purse

It’s a good idea to invest in a versatile purse that goes with a number of outfits and color palettes. This eliminates the need to constantly switch out bags, because no matter what you’re wearing, it will match! Be on the lookout for something big enough to hold all of your daily-use items, such as your wallet, laptop, and water bottle; this can also come in handy if you travel for your job. Keeping organized while staying stylish is the name of the game:

2. Watch Out

A solid statement watch looks professional and polished, and can also dress up your more casual outfits. It’s also been said that a good watch suggests you have a good sense of time management. There are a lot of great brands out there that are affordable and on-trend. Below are some wrist-bling options that mean business:

3. Statement Shoe

Having at least one statement shoe in your arsenal can help keep things fresh when it comes to your wardrobe, and we all know comfortable heels are a workplace must-have.  Try mixing it up with a fun color or pattern, rather than something basic or neutral. Even if you go a bit more contemporary with the rest of your outfit, a pop of color in the shoe department can add a little flavor to your look:

4. Fitted Blazer

It may be a given, but having a go-to blazer that fits correctly is important. Whether it’s Casual Friday or a meeting where you need to be a bit more buttoned up, a blazer transitions seamlessly (no pun intended) from one fashion scenario to the next. Pair with jeans for a relaxed, yet sophisticated vibe, or rock the look with skinny slacks. Either way, the blazer will be your workplace BFF:

5. Plan In Style

Daily planners are necessary to help keep you organized, but did you know they can also act as a statement piece that compliments your aesthetic? Whether you’re going for a fun and vibrant print or a classic and minimal feel, there are plenty of brands and designs to choose from that will set off your personal style. Check out a few of my favorites below for inspiration:

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