Q: First day of the new job must haves: what’s in your bag?

A: For the first day, I would suggest a notebook, a pen, and a great attitude. I would also bring a sweater because the office may be colder than anticipated, and maybe a scarf to dress up your outfit.


Q: What’s your go-to power meal or snack?

A: I always have almonds with me. The other power snacks that I find to be the most energizing throughout the day are pieces of fruit, smoothies, and green tea. I love snacks that are easy and healthy.


Q: Off limits topics during an interview?

A: Talking disparagingly about a former employer is definitely off limits. If there was a situation at your previous job that wasn’t ideal, refrain from speaking negatively about it, and instead position it as a challenge that you grew from. Also, you don’t want to give away too much personal information to your interviewer. Although you want to be open and honest, it’s important to keep the conversation professional.


Q: Fill in the blank: I wish people could be more __ in the workplace.

A: I wish people could be more proactive and accountable in the workplace. I would like if, in any business, employees would think in the mindset of, “How can I make the company better?” or “What can I be doing next to help my team succeed?” instead of just executing. I encourage candidates to never say, “That’s not my job,” when faced with a challenge. Everyone should strive to be the person that will help out the team without complaining.


Q: What do you first notice when you meet a candidate?

A: I notice the amount of eye contact between myself and the candidate. Also, during the first few minutes of the interview, I notice their confidence level, if they have a great handshake, and if they’re a good listener.


Q: Best place for a last-minute interview outfit?

A: Zara, without a doubt. Zara is a great place to find an outfit that is fashionable, trendy, and affordable. I recommend looking through their selection of blazers, too. They’re always current and not too expensive.