Q: First day of the new job must haves: what’s in your bag?

A: Notebook and pen. Hopefully a new employer will give you that stuff when you show up, but you just want to be prepared. The first day on the job is about getting acquainted with your surroundings, so I don’t think you need to go above and beyond with anything in particular.


Q: What’s your go-to power meal or snack?

A: A good iced coffee always gives me the jolt I need. For a snack, I would say something healthy to keep you sharp in the afternoon. I love hummus and carrots.


Q: What topics are off limits during an interview?

A: Talking about another job that you are interviewing for is off limits. You want to find some way to connect with the interviewer, whether that is your alma matter or a place you’ve both traveled. But, you never want to get too personal, because you want to keep it professional. Also, never ask questions about the work day in terms of the hours or the vacation policy. You want to make it clear that you are committed to the role and that you’ll do whatever it takes.


Q: Best place for a last-minute interview outfit?

A: You should go to your favorite store and find something you are comfortable in. Keep it classy and keep it polished, but let your personality shine, because your personality is super exciting and important. Banana Republic is the best. I love Madewell, and the Gap is my other favorite store.


Q: What do you first notice when you meet a candidate?

A: The first thing I pick up on is their body language. Keep your shoulders open and always be aware of your body language in your interviews. People know if you are closing yourself off or if you are being too comfortable.