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New Year, New Job Resolution

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Three weeks into the new year and if you needed a sign to take action, this is it! Have you accomplished any of the goals that you set out to achieve these first three weeks? If you haven’t, it is time to step up to the plate because the first month of the New Year, New Job Resolution is just about over.

Around 80 percent of people fail to follow through with their New Year’s resolutions, but this doesn’t have to be you. Perhaps one of your resolutions is to get a new job – now that is totally attainable! Here are a few of the first steps that you can take toward reaching your new job resolution:


1. Revamp Your Resume!

Just like changes you might want to make in your personal life, your resume also needs a change. What in your resume reflects the real you? You want to be able to pass the “filtering” process that resumes go through, and in order to do so you should make sure you tailor your resume to fit the job that you want. Don’t exaggerate but use words that stand out, just like you. Get your friends or a mentor to look over it and ask them for any constructive critiques.


2. Network, Network, Network!

Maybe you don’t usually get out much, but now is the time to start. Look up different networking events that may be happening near you and get out there with your newly revamped resume and make a lasting impression! You never know who you might meet that can propel you in your job search.


3. Apply Pressure!

So, you’ve revamped your resume and networked, now it’s time to “apply pressure”. Apply to only jobs that you are 100% interested in, jobs that are not only good for you financially, but also mentally. This step takes a little bit of research on your end. Visit sites like GlassDoor and Yelp where you can read reviews and get an inside look on the company’s culture.


4. Be Confident!

Confidence is key once you land interview after interview. Make sure you go into every interview prepared. Research each company, be transparent about your needs and wants, ask questions, but most of all show them why you are the candidate that they need.


If you follow these steps towards your New Year, New Job Resolution, you are sure to land the job of your dreams and check one off of your list! You’ve got this!

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