Recent Graduates Considering Temporary Roles

We all know the triumphant feeling of turning in your last final, donning that ever-so-fashionable cap and gown, and walking across the stage to receive your diploma amidst your family’s cheers. We know the tears, coffee, money, hard work, and sleep deprivation that went into receiving that all-important piece of paper. Unfortunately, we also know the fear and anxiety that comes shortly after when you’re staring at your computer looking at a webpage filled with job openings in the hopes of finding that all-too-elusive first post-grad job. To help combat this, recent graduates are considering temporary roles to increase their experience level.

Temporary jobs are ones in which the candidate is contracted out to work on an assignment basis, instead of in a direct hire capacity. In most cases, temporary jobs can help build a recent graduate’s resume and assist them in learning new skills. We sat down with Senior Account Manager Kaitlin Nordstrom of our Career Group team to learn three main reasons why she recommends temporary work as a lucrative option for college grads.

1. The experience you’re able to showcase.

The first few years in the workforce builds experience. When graduates work in temporary roles, they can condense these years into a few months. Additionally, working for a range of companies on diverse assignments leads to unique experiences. Employers value diverse experiences in today’s workforce.

Jumping off of this, having a range of experience shows you learn quickly. “It’s great when candidates can come into a full-time interview and speak to their difference in skills at the beginning and end of an assignment,” Kaitlin notes. “It shows you’re passionate about learning. Moreover, you will bring that to a full-time position!”

2. The companies you get to work for.

Career Group Companies works with some of the most recognizable companies in the country; most are thought of as industry leaders. “When you have the opportunity to gain experience working with big names in the industry, the knowledge you will gain holds weight with future employers,” explains Kaitlin. In addition to this recognition, prospective employers will attach the high standard of work expected at those companies to you.

3. The chance to explore your options.

“I often meet with candidates that have a few years of experience in the profession they chose right after college. Now they’re looking for a change as perhaps the industry or role they chose wasn’t as glamorous as they imagined,” Kaitlin says.

She goes on to note that “if [candidates] had the opportunity to work in multiple temporary roles, they would have been provided better insight into the company culture, daily duties, growth potential, etc.” Put simply, temporary jobs help narrow down career interests for recent grads early on so that they don’t have to start from square one down the road.

Many things are seemingly up in the air for recent graduates; don’t let your career search be one of them. Recent graduates are considering temporary roles from the beginning. Temporary roles will allow you to build your skills and work history. You’ll have the chance to hone in on what you really want in the first part of your career. If you’re looking to start working with our temporary division, connect with Kaitlin on LinkedIn!

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