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Doing thorough research on the company you’re interviewing with is essential if you want to handle the interview like a pro. Walking through the door knowing the background of the company will not only make you feel properly prepped and confident, but will also make you ultra-savvy about their brand. While a quick Google search can help you find some of the information you need, doing a deeper dive will definitely benefit you in the long-run. The company’s main website should always be your first go-to, but there are several other research options available to you. Here are some additional research tips for your upcoming interview. Be sure to take notes as you go!


It’s a good idea to check out the company’s Glassdoor profile for a general overview, including reviews, salary ranges, positions offered, and other statistics. Keep in mind that the information is compiled by a wide array of people, from current and/or former employees, to disgruntled customers – so just because it’s posted there doesn’t mean it’s entirely accurate. That being said, there’s a lot of useful information on Glassdoor that can give you a broader scope of the business you may be a part of one day.


There are quite a few features on LinkedIn that can give key insights into a company’s culture. Under the “What We Do” section on their profile, you can view pictures, testimonials, and cultural insights. You can even check out current employee’s profiles to see what their duties are and get an idea of what you may be responsible for. Pro Tip: in your account settings, make sure your profile is on “Private Mode,” so you don’t look like you’re stalking them!


If the company you’re interviewing with is on social media, scrolling through their Instagram is a no-brainer. IG is a great way to test their pulse and get a feel for brand messaging. How many followers do they have? What’s the vibe or overall aesthetic of their photos? How often do they post? Do they engage with their followers? These are questions you should consider, especially if you’re going out for a role in the marketing or social media sphere.

If that’s the case, take notes on what you like or what you would do differently. Come up with some ideas on how to improve their campaign, and start thinking about what else they could do to engage with followers. Be sure to mention something you saw on their page during your interview to indicate that you did your research. For instance, a simple compliment about a particular image or a specific color they used in their most recent campaign can really highlight your attention to detail.

Google Search

The first site that pops up on a Google search will likely be the company’s website, but you should always scroll down to see if the company was mentioned anywhere else on the web. Did it receive any awards this year? Was it referenced on another site? Find out where else the company was discussed to get an idea of what its media presence looks like. And, if you see their name in a cool publication, be sure to bring it up in the interview!

Having these tools in your back pocket gives you an opportunity to show off your work ethic. If any questions arise during your research, be sure to jot them down in a notebook so you don’t forget to ask them during your interview. Your interviewer will be impressed that you took the time to learn about the company, and you’ll have a better idea of what working there will be like. It’s a win-win tactic!