Why You Should Consider Temporary Work

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Everyone’s style of work looks different. Some professionals seek full-time employment, and others want to stay in a more transitional place – working multiple jobs for multiple companies at a time. These temporary jobs are just as helpful in building the career you crave! Besides helping you hunt for your full-time position, recruiting firms can help with temporary work. Temporary work is assignment-based and contracted. But what does that mean? For one thing, instead of being a full-time employee for a company, your work only lasts for a finite amount of time. For another, it can help broaden your career paths and experience to truly zone in on what’s right for you, because we all know the what the right career fit can do for your professional development! There are many other reasons why you should consider temporary work. See below for some of our favorites!

  • It will help you learn about your professional preferences.

    Temporary work allows you to get a sense of what working in different industries is like before committing full-time to one career path.

    No more getting worried about culture fits or office environments, because this type of work allows you to answer those essential questions off the bat, like whether or not you see a small office as a snooze fest or enjoy a casual, laid-back environment. All of this is good background knowledge for your professional growth, and can help further define your ideal work environment going forward!

  • It will help you gain essential industry experience.

    Temporary work helps recent graduates or career-shifters catch up with the current competition – so you can quickly catch up and learn the skills you need to be successful in a certain industry.

    Because you’re working with many companies at a time, you’ll be learning transferrable skills in a variety of industries that can help further your career. This kind of experience is something employers look for on a resume – when hiring managers see you’ve previously worked at a top firm or have experience with a complicated software, you will be the candidate to stick out!

  • It will get rid of your employment gap.

    For recently unemployed candidates, temporary work is a great alternative to job hunting full-time. While you should never completely stop your job hunt, temporary work gets rid of a big red flag on your resume that is known as the dreaded employment gap.

    It also helps supplement your income while you’re interviewing, so that you don’t end up taking a full-time position you don’t like just to lighten your financial burden. This alleviates that growing pressure we’ve all experienced! Moreover, it can even turn into your full-time job, if the client’s looking to bring you on permanently.

  •  It will enable you to work on personal projects.

    Focusing on a side hustle? If you are an actor, blogger, or small business owner, temporary work is a great way to make money while waiting for those goals to take off. Because you build your own schedule depending on what assignments you accept, you can plan extra time for things like auditions, business meetings, or photoshoots.

    Temporary work helps you pay the bills, while you build in time to work for yourself. Just always be sure to maintain honesty with your recruiters about your schedule – remember, they’re here to help, and their opinion means just as much as a full-time employer’s does!

Temporary work can help you navigate career transitions and growth in an awesome way. Say hello to tons of essential experience and insight about what direction you want your career to go. You’ll also free up the time you need to work on personal projects. It also gets rid of gaping employment gaps and lets you to make a bit of cash while looking for that perfect fit.

When you come see us at Career Group, we have a multitude of full-time and temporary positions available. Next time you’re looking, ask our recruiters if they think temporary work is a good fit!

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