Let’s face it. Nothing prepares you for adulthood, especially the job force. You leave college with high goals and quickly realize that the climb to the top comes with daily challenges and many slips back down to the bottom. Whether you’re waiting on unanswered emails or accepting a job you didn’t expect to see yourself in, the first year (or two) in the workforce takes perseverance, hard work, and a LOT of follow through. On average, an individual will have eight jobs within their first year alone. If you’re currently on the hunt, you’re not alone. Fortunately, the job search doesn’t last forever, especially with the help of a recruiting team. Our offices suggest keeping these few things in mind during your downtime.

Find a Mentor

First off, find yourself a mentor. Ask a senior executive to coffee. Strike up a conversation with co- workers on your way into the office. Offer all the extra help they may need. Trust us, this will make you stand out and sped up your journey to success. Connections are everything in any industry, so even if you do not intend on staying at your current gig, staying on good terms with everyone makes a world of difference. Sometimes, these connections may turn into something a little more special: a mentor. This is the person who genuinely has your best interest at heart. This is usually someone who values you as a person, and not just as an employee. They take the time to get to know you in order to figure out how to guide you in the most productive way possible. You will receive the hard-to-swallow but beneficial feedback and criticism you need to perform better. Mentors can bring many positive factors into your career, but remember that this isn’t just the first person you run into on your first day. Not everyone wants to be a mentee. Don’t force it. Let this relationship happen naturally.

Learn Your Strengths

As stereotypical as it may sound, your second mission should be to figure out what part of work makes time fly. When you find yourself so invested in the work that it doesn’t even feel like work, that’s usually your “aha” moment. Maybe this is something you wouldn’t mind doing for a living, and so the search begins for a more tailored title. Right out of the gates, you’re not expected to be at your dream job, but your first experience as a full time employee is crucial in helping your future. Recruiters don’t like a jumpy resume. Susan Levine, President of Career Group Companies, believes “you will never truly know if a job is right until you are in the seat performing. Give yourself time to adapt, learn, and figure out whether it’s the right fit after a year at the very least.

Culture Fit Matters

Along with finding a job you are passionate about, find a work environment you feel you can prosper in. Draft up a list of values and traits your dream company would have. Remember your notes in your next job interview. If you want a more sociable workplace but the recruiter reveals that everyone sits in their cubicles all day with limited interaction during or after work, that may not be the office for you. Recruiters value candidates who know what they want, so don’t feel ashamed if you can’t see yourself fitting well with a company. There will be a company that fits your criteria, which is what our agency specializes in. If you’re feeling unsure, teaming up with a staffing agency is the perfect way to learn about a variety of companies. Recruiters are very familiar with their clients and candidates, so they’re not going to send you into an interview with a company that doesn’t match what you’re looking for.

Finding a job can be tough, but with the right amount of help and guidance, you may just be able to shorten your unemployment period. Keep in mind that there are about 100 applicants per job, and only one person gets the job. It’s important not to take a few rejections personally. Instead, take it as motivation to work even harder. In my experience, most people I know applied to at least 50 jobs before hearing just one response The journey to finding your passion may not always be a walk in the park, but it will be well earned. The goal is to continue moving forward with greater momentum in every position you take on. Make it your mission to be the easiest letter of recommendation your supervisor ever wrote.