Kick it Into High-Gear for the New Year | Career Group Companies
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Whether they’re simple goals, like getting to the office a bit earlier every day, or a bit loftier, such as earning that raise or getting a big promotion, there’s no time like the present to get your career moving in the right direction. Let us motivate you to kick it into high-gear for the new year!

Do you know what your long-term goals are? Are you on the right path to reaching them?  Do you have unfinished projects that have taken a backseat due to other responsibilities? Have you hit a total plateau and need a change? Treat yourself to a solo lunch date and make a detailed list of how you feel about where you are in your career, or do some market research to check out how other people in your industry and/or position are progressing. Once you’ve evaluated where you are with everything, the below steps can help you on your path to achieving all of your career goals, big or small, for this year and beyond.

Actively Network:

Networking can seem daunting, but it’s never the wrong time to expand and diversify your network. If you’re on the hunt for a new career in 2018, knowing people in your industry will make your job search that much easier! And, there are so many ways to make new connections outside of hitting the trendiest industry event luncheons. If meeting new people in person gives you the willies, consider joining some LinkedIn or Facebook groups (yay for virtual networking!). If you’re among the less socially awkward of our generation, ask your boss about investing in a conference that looks beneficial, or even get together with a former co-worker to get the dish on their new job digs.  You never know when the right opportunity will strike.

Clean Out Your Email Inbox:

For a fresh start, take some time to clean out and organize your inbox. If this sounds like a mundane task, you would be right, but there is nothing like creating a clean slate for yourself to set up a solid foundation for a new plan or project.  Delete junk emails, unsubscribe from lists you don’t utilize, and create email folders so you can easily maintain your inbox throughout the year.

Update Your Resume:

Keeping your resume as up-to-date as possible is the best way to ensure you’ll be ready to hit the ground running in 2018. Instead of scrambling at the last minute, update your skills, accomplishments, certificates, and personal information as it changes. If you include references on your resume or CV, be sure to contact them to make sure you have their updated contact information as well.  This will make it as easy as possible to send your resume off with confidence when that recruiter you’ve been working with reaches out to you with the perfect opportunity!

Make Sleep and Healthy Eating a Priority:

Whether you’re revamping your entire diet and gym routine, or simply eating more veggies and taking breaks throughout the day to stretch or go for a walk, putting the effort into creating better habits around your health will make a huge difference in your productivity and overall wellbeing. There are several studies that delve way deeper into the subject – here is a favorite of ours:

Professional advancement is a long-term process, but what’s a better time than now to kick it into high gear? Whether you’re on the journey to the career of your dreams, or are looking to make big changes in the coming year, the momentum found through creating new habits can motivate and propel you to succeed in all of your endeavors.