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Software Developer Staffing

As technology evolves, consumers are provided with an increasing number of products to simplify their daily tasks and streamline every facet of their lives. These products depend on complex software programs designed and built by experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge about the ways programming languages translate into user-friendly products. Software developers are the masterminds behind scripts and programs that power your smartphone, computer, games, apps, automated tools, and even your car. These innovative professionals identify user needs and use complex algorithms and codes to design and create the technology that most consumers depend on each day.

Software Developer Job Description

The job of a software developer depends on the needs of the company and the team they’re a part of. This can range from designing computer and mobile applications to creating software designed to run operating systems and networks for enterprise organizations. The role involves understanding user needs, experience with programming languages and coding, and modifying programs as needed to eliminate flaws. Software developer duties can include:

  • Developing and implementing clean, efficient code
  • Maintaining technical health of a website to ensure great user experience
  • Consulting with departments or clients about project proposals and status throughout the design and build phases
  • Directing software programming and documentation development
  • Working with engineering staff to evaluate the hardware and performance requirements
  • Researching, designing, implementing, and managing software programs
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Software Developer Qualifications

While qualification requirements may vary by position and company, these are some of the most common qualification requirements for software developers.

  • A degree in computer software engineering or software programming and development
  • A firm understanding of the concepts of software engineering and development
  • Proven experience as a software developer, engineer, or similar role
  • Experience with coding and programming languages
  • Knowledge and interest in the latest computer technologies and the software development life-cycle

Who is Hiring Software Developers?

Employment opportunities in the software development industry include:

  • Computer systems and design-related services
  • Manufacturing companies
  • Finance and insurance
  • Software publishers
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • Research facilities
  • Government agencies
  • Gaming companies

Working with Career Group Companies for the Perfect Software Development Career Match

While the software development industry is a growing field with many opportunities, it can also be very competitive. The demand for software developers range from large corporate companies to smaller ecommerce brands.

Career Group Companies is a premier recruiting agency with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, New York City and Greenwich. We place temporary, part-time, and full-time software development professionals in roles nationwide. It’s our goal to provide both premiere professional talent and leading companies with an improved hiring experience that yields ideal career matches. With over 40 years of experience, Career Group Companies provides perfectly tailored solutions to meet your staffing needs.


Hand-Picked Candidates for Your Organization

With the level of competition in this industry, it’s common to receive applications from candidates that just don’t meet the needs of your company.
The experts atCareer Group Companies take time to build authentic relationships with both their clients and talent to create matches that truly fit both the company’s needs and the candidate’s skillset. When you partner with our team, you gain access to a small pool of hand picked, highly qualified professionals prepared to step seamlessly into your open roles.

Fast Turnaround Times

We place software developers at all levels in full-time, temporary, part-time, freelance, and temp-to-hire positions to address your unique hiring needs. The availability of these positions provides companies with immediate professional performance when and where they need it and experienced software developers with new opportunities to fill career gaps, gain new experience, and build their careers.

If you’re a leading company seeking a new hiring experience that will help you find the perfect match for your vacant software developer roles, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more about how you can quickly hire talent to meet your organization’s needs.

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