The Value of a Post-Interview Thank-You Note | Career Group Companies
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The value of a post-interview thank-you note is monumental. Thank you notes are a quick and easy way to demonstrate your appreciation for someone taking the time and effort to speak with you about a job opportunity. A well-planned thank you note is a small thing that reflects very positively on you as a candidate. Here are a few strategies to use when writing your post-interview thank you note:


1. What to Include

If you’re sending a thank you via email, start with a short, direct, and professional subject line. Something as simple as “Thank You -*Your Name*” is perfect.

As for the contents of your note, make sure it extends past a simple “Thank you for your time.” While you’ll certainly want to include this, take steps to make your note more meaningful by reiterating why the role excites you or including something you spoke about that you found interesting. Above all, make sure it’s specific. “You can tell when someone just copies and pastes something off the internet,” says Serene Ford, a Senior Account Executive at Career Group.

A thank you note is also a great opportunity to remind interviewers of your qualifications and why they should choose you. “…Make it personal: why you’re good for the job, and what you bring to the table,” Serene advises.


2. Who to Send the Note To

You should always send a personalized thank you note to all of your interviewers. Try to ask for a business card at the conclusion of each interview so that you have everyone’s contact information readily available.

When writing your notes, try your best to personalize them based on what you discussed during each interview. This will demonstrate that you listened to what your interviewer had to say and aren’t writing a generic note to everyone you spoke with. Of course, each note should restate the reasons why you would be a great fit for the role.


3. Should it Be in Letter or Email Form?

Having a sense of how long the hiring process will be can help you decide which form to send your thank you note in. If the company is trying to hire someone quickly (or if you’re not sure what the time frame looks like), email is the way to go. If it’s a slower hiring process, a handwritten note adds a personal touch.

It’s important to remember that no matter what form you send it, you should still send a quick email within 24 hours of your interview even if you’re sending a handwritten thank you. Don’t stress too much about what form your note takes, though – the most important thing is that you send one!


Taking a few minutes to write a thoughtful thank you note may seem like a small gesture, but can make a bigger difference than you’d think. According to Serene, “If it’s between two candidates and one person sends [a thank you note] and the other doesn’t, it brings up questions.” Ultimately, a well-written thank you note helps you differentiate yourself, and could even be the gesture that lands you that elusive offer.